Hi Nancy, words can’t describe how much we thank the help you have given Abe. Abe deserves this, but without your professional work he could have never reached his goal.  We always will highly recommend you.

~ Rebeca (Mother of Abe, Class of 2017 student)

College Acceptance: Princeton University, University of Miami (with merit scholarship), and the University of Florida

Scholarship: Coca-Cola Scholarship ($20,000)

Hi Nancy! I’m about to move in onto campus at Columbia in less than a week now, and I can say I’m quite excited and intimidated. As I enter the next chapter of my life, I want to say thank you for all of your support to help me get this far. I can’t describe how much I appreciate everything you did for me last year. I will definitely keep in touch up here. Who else could I ask for expert advice? 🙂

~ Anonymous Class of 2014 Student

College Acceptance:  Columbia University Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science

Since our journey began in 9th grade, Nancy’s counseling services have been invaluable.  Nancy’s guidance has been tremendous, from meticulously planning summer activities tailored to my child’s interests to offering continuous support throughout the school year with course selection, standardized test strategies, extracurricular pursuits, and fostering communication with school teachers for references and recommendations. 

Nancy’s expertise shone as we navigated the daunting college application process. Her assistance with time management and refining the quality of the work brought out my daughter’s best. Nancy’s honest portrayal of my child’s strengths is the key to the dream college acceptance. 

I am deeply grateful for Nancy’s support throughout this journey. She helped unlock my child’s full potential and provided guidance and reassurance every step of the way.

~ M.L. (Mother of Class of 2024 Student)

College Acceptance:  Tufts University

I can’t imagine applying to college with Nancy’s help and support. She and her team have been essential throughout the process, from helping to find extracurricular activities and choosing AP exams to writing applications, resumes, and essays. As an international student who attended a national school in my country, there were many things I needed to clarify with colleges about the ways in which my documents should be sent. Even with that, Nancy was tremendously helpful – we called every single college on my list to make sure everything was done correctly, something I wouldn’t have thought to do without her. So even if you have an unusual schooling situation, I would 100%+ recommend working with her – she knows so much about the process and can help you no matter what. I’ll be  attending my dream school, Barnard College, next fall, and that’s in big part thanks to her and her team’s help. Thank you!

~ Anonymous Class of 2023 student

College Acceptances: Barnard College and Special Science Program, University of Glasgow, Michigan State University

Scholarships: Michigan State University International Tuition Grant ($25,000 per year for 8 semesters) + Presidential Study Abroad Scholarship ($3,000 – $5,000 for study abroad outside the US, depending on the length of the program)

We interviewed several counselors before deciding to go with Nancy and I am glad we made the right decision. Working with Nancy on the college applications for my daughter was a truly amazing experience. She is extremely passionate and deeply cares about the student’s future. She brings deep knowledge to determine the right set of colleges to apply to. Nancy involves intensely with the student to ensure that the quality of the applications is great and that myriad deadlines are met without a hitch. 

~ Vijay (parent), Class of 2022 student

College Acceptances: Caltech University, Rice University, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UCLA, UC San Diego, Penn State University, UT Austin & UT Austin’s Dean’s Honors Scholars Program, University of Washington, Northeastern University (Global Program)

Scholarships: Northeastern University ($72,000 merit scholarship)

​It has been a tremendous pleasure to work with Nancy Polin and Educational Excellence throughout the entirety of my law school application process. Nancy worked with me at an individual level to create an application plan that worked for my schedule as well as my personal needs and goals. As a full time employee, my hours during the week are often quite limited, yet Nancy’s attentiveness and superb flexibility ensured that I always remained ahead of my application deadlines without having to sacrifice any of my other personal or professional obligations. The incredibly personalized and detailed counseling which I received throughout the months-long process allowed me to create an application that I was truly proud of. As a result of Educational Excellence’s services, I was offered a full-ride scholarship to the University of Florida’s Levin College of Law, my top choice law school. I would wholeheartedly recommend Educational Excellence to any aspiring university or graduate students who strive to start their academic careers on the right track.

~ Jack

College Acceptance:  University of Florida Levin College of Law (with full tuition merit scholarship plus stipend)

Hi, Nancy! Your knowledge of the college admissions process has been extremely helpful through this journey, and I know that you have worked very hard to go over my essays and search for the answers to any questions I had.

~ Lillian, Class of 2019

College Acceptances: Rice University, Wake Forest ($14,500 + $16,000 Molly Dingledine Presidential Scholarship in Art X 4yrs), Wash U St. Louis ($17,400 Scholarship X 4 years), Emory University ($15,000 Emory Opportunity Award Scholarship X 4 years), Emory Oxford ($15,000  Emory Opportunity Award Scholarship x 4 years), University of Miami ($23,000 Presidential Scholarship x 4 years), University of Southern California ($3,750 University Scholarship X 4 years), Case Western Reserve University ($22,500 Dean’s Scholarship x 4 years), University of Florida (Honors and University Scholars Program)

Scholarship: National Merit Motorola Solutions Scholarship ($2,000 x 4 years) 

Nancy from Educational Excellence has been there for me since my freshman year of high school. Her constant encouragement and honest feedback has helped me to succeed as a student and receive acceptances to my dream colleges. I highly recommend any high-achieving student looking to improve writing, interview, and other skills to come to Educational Excellence for a truly valuable experience. 

~ Nidhi, Class of 2021

College Acceptance: Washington University in St. Louis, Hofstra + Hofstra BSMD, UCLA, UC San Diego, UC Berkeley, George Washington University

Scholarship: National Merit Scholarship ($2500), IMPACT Scholarship ($1000), Chandler Rotary Foundation Scholarship ($1000)

Over the year that I worked with Nancy, I found her to be both thorough and timely. She led me through the process of managing the SAT’s, contacting prospective coaches at several schools, and choosing the right high school courses. A strong portion of my college acceptance success can be attributed to the meticulous strategizing and effort we put into both my application and each individual essay. I would highly recommend Nancy to any future students who are interested in gaining an edge in an ever-so competitive applicant pool.

~ Szu-Raj K., Class of 2013

College Acceptances: Amherst College, Bowdoin College, Carnegie Mellon University, Claremont McKenna College, Emory University, UC Berkeley, University of Michigan, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, University of Washington, and University of Southern California.

Scholarships: University of Miami Ronald A. Hammond Scholarship (100% tuition for 4 years), the Dean’s Scholarship at USC (Quarter tuition) and the Associate Dean’s Scholarship at UC Davis for $54,000.

Nancy, I want to pile on and say that we are all super grateful for all the passionate, tireless help you have provided to our son. You are one of a kind and hopefully there are more opportunities for you to help our kids. Thanks

~ Vij (father of Hari, Class of 2015)

College Acceptance: Duke University

Straight to the point: Nancy was instrumental in getting our daughters into their dream Universities. Yes, they studied hard in school. But without Nancy’s guidance, this would not have been possible. There is no way, no way, my wife and I would have been able to navigate the system as it exists. 

She interviewed our daughters, finding out their strengths, weaknesses, interests, goals, etc. Then created a “roadmap” for them to follow in terms of subjects to take in school, volunteering suggestions, extra-curricular activities, etc. She tutored them for Standardized tests as well as school tests. She assisted in recommending colleges long after she got to know each of them and their idiosyncrasies.

Though the cost was not cheap, I can say it was word DOUBLE the price we paid. Besides the fact that it relieved a lot of stress on us, knowing they were in excellent, experienced hands. Priceless. Invest in your kids. Nancy is a no-risk advisor.  

~ Ed K, Boca Raton (Parent of Class of 2023 & Class of 2024 Student

College Acceptances: Northeastern University, University of Southern California, University of Florida, Florida State University, Indiana University Bloomington, University of Wisconsin Madison, The Ohio State University, Loyola Marymount University, University of Central Florida

Our family was very happy with Nancy’s approach to the college admission process. She helped us formulate a list of schools based on our son’s academic record, standardized test performance, and high school resume. She also suggest activities, projects, and essays around our son’s interests. After visiting college campuses, we found one that we feel offered us all the opportunities our son was looking to find. Nancy helped us with the entire application process and our son was accepted his first choice university. His university received 91,000 applications and will only enroll 4800 first year undergrads. We certainly recommend Nancy to anyone that wants help with getting their child into a school that fits them. 

~ Adam, Parent of Class of 2022 Student

College Acceptances: Northeastern University

Scholarships: Northeastern University Dean’s Scholarship (30% of Tuition for 4 Years)

Nancy was a great help to our son Zachary in narrowing down his college search, mapping out the college application process for him, perfecting the required essays and the wording for his activities/resume, as well as prepping him for the admission interview. In the end, he was accepted to all 5 schools he applied to. The guidance department at our son’s high school did not provide the tailored help he needed that Nancy was able to provide for us. If you need guidance through the stressful college application process, contact Nancy and her team! 

~ Aimee, parent Class of 2023 student

College Acceptances: Syracuse University, Florida State University, Penn State University (University Park), Michigan State University, University of Iowa

Nancy has been a very timely and helpful resource for our daughter and us as she guided us through the entire college admission process. Nancy was able to understand our situation and adapt to our needs  and was able to work with our daughter to motivate and encourage her to get things done on time to meet the timelines. We were in a unique and tough situation and Nancy was able to understand our needs and was very patient and flexible! We got all the help we needed in reviewing essays and getting internships and projects to showcase our daughter’s strengths. She helped us as a family deal with a stressful and anxious time and we felt supported every step of the way. She had a huge positive influence on my daughter and it boosted her confidence. I would highly recommend the College Counseling services offered by Nancy!

~ Vijay Rao, Parent of Class of 2022 Student

College Acceptances: San Francisco State University, University of Oregon, UC Merced, Oregon State University, CSU Los Angeles, CSU East Bay, CSU Northridge, UMass Boston, Washington State University 

Nancy is the best. She helped both my daughters achieve their goals and aspirations. She helped in choosing the right schools and was with us through every step of the process. My 25 year old daughter completed her Masters at NYU and is now working at one of the top hospitals in NYC. My 22 year old is close to completing her classes in a select accelerated program that Nancy helped us find. Both have bright futures ahead! 

~ Michelle S., Mother of Class of 2014 & 2018 Students

College Acceptances: Florida State University, University of North Florida, Florida International University

Nancy helped me sign up for the correct tests and advised my family and I throughout the college application process. She provided lists of interesting programs for me to do over each summer of high school. While writing college essays, she critiqued and helped edit many of the essays.

~ Kunaal, Class of 2017

College Acceptances: Georgia Tech (GA Tech Stamps Scholars Semifinalist), Johns Hopkins University, University of Southern California (Full Tuition Trustees Scholarship), University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, University of Washington – Direct Admit Computer Science

Scholarships: Georgia Tech Stamps Scholars Semifinalist, University of Southern California Trustees Scholarship (full tuition)

Just wanted to say thank you so much for all you did and have been doing for Sofia. I know that getting into Wash U was a big part of your and Sofia’s hard work together. I really appreciate it!

~ Bessy, (Mother of Sofia, Class of 2016)

College Acceptances: Washington University St. Louis, Florida State University and University of Alabama

A big thank you to Nancy and her team for their professionalism and dedication to my daughters grueling college application process.  This engagement lasted 10 months and was worth our investment and every second of time.  Nancy kept my daughter focused, on task and gave brilliant insight into the process and set a plan of action.  Success is measured in the final result.  My daughter received 7 college acceptances, scholarships and has decided on her #1 college choice…..University of Southern California!

~ A proud and very satisfied mom (Class of 2020)

College Acceptances: University of Southern California, Northeastern University, Babson College, Pepperdine University, University of Miami, George Washington University (Merit Scholarship-$22,000 x 4 years), University of Florida

When I first met Ms. Polin as a sophomore, I had no idea where I wanted to go for college and was having trouble with maintaining my grades at school. After just a few months of working with her, I had a plan for the next two years of high school and got help from amazing tutors for my classes, as well as the ACT exams. I got accepted to my dream school and I am graduating with high grades thanks to Ms. Polin. I am where I am today because of her. My family and I are so grateful for her guidance and help. 

~ Class of 2021 Student

College Acceptances: University of Miami, Florida Atlantic University + Honors Program, Wilkes Honors College (FAU), Nova Southeastern University (full ride tuition+ package), University of South Florida + Honors College

Private Scholarships: $50,000 AP Capstone Research with We Service Scholarship Award from College Board

Educational Excellence guided me through taking standardized testing and the college admission process in the most organized and personal way possible. Nancy Polin helped me not only figure out what test to take, but helped me go from a 26 to a 33 on the ACT. I was given the tools to exceed my goals, and learning from such a caring teacher that was confident in my success truly helped me through this experience. Educational Excellence also provided me with an organized roadmap that clearly displayed every college I was applying to along with their different requirements, information, and application deadlines. This roadmap helped me tremendously and allowed me to stay organized. Nancy patiently taught me how to write a college essay, and guided me through the process of writing and editing the essay along with supplemental works that the college required. Not only did she help with ACT tutoring and college applications, but she provided me with a list of scholarship opportunities and helped me come up with a summer activity that would enhance my resume. Her dedication, patience, and compassion helped me reach where I am today. I applied to the Yeshiva University Stern Honors program and received the highest scholarship, $25,000 for four years. Thank you, Nancy and Educational Excellence, for your expertise and guiding me through these processes! 

~ Gabriella Rosman, Class of 2021

College Acceptances: Yeshiva University Stern College for Women Honors Program (Scholarship amount $25,000/year for 4 years)

Nancy’s knowledge of colleges and the admissions process was invaluable information for first time college parents like us! Her guidance during the essay writing process was very helpful. The end product was key in our son’s college acceptances. Thank you Nancy for your knowledge and guidance!

~ Javier, Parent of Class of 2021 Student

College Acceptances: University of Florida, Purdue University, North Carolina State University, Virginia Tech (Honors College), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Honors College)

~ Sergio, Class of 2014

College Acceptances: Rice University, University of Texas – Austin Business Honors Program

My children could never have gotten through the college application process without Nancy’s assistance.  The paperwork and information required was overwhelming, and she made everything doable.  She recommended colleges to them based on their interests and qualifications, worked with them on essays, kept track of all dates for each school’s processes, and generally made everything organized and doable.  She was able to help my children to show their value to each school in the most effective way possible.  

In addition, we have used Nancy’s help getting access to great tutors when my children needed them.  When my child needed a Calculus tutor, Nancy found the perfect one for us.   He explained things in a way that my child could understand and that was reflected by the fact that my child went up three letter grades within 4 weeks of working with him.

~ Beth (Mother of 2 Class of 2020 students)

Zach’s College Acceptances: University of Florida, University of Central Florida & Honors Program (HAS Pegasus Scholarship, $3,500 per year), Florida State University ($2,400 per year merit scholarship), University of Miami ($20,000 per year merit scholarship), Northeastern University

Hannah’s College Acceptances: University of Central Florida, Florida State University, Florida Atlantic University, University of Alabama, University of Indiana Bloomington, University of Tampa, Florida Gulf Coast University

I worked with Nancy on extracurriculars, SAT prep and college admissions. For my extracurricular activities, Nancy helped me find a volunteering opportunity at a nearby hospital which helped me gain exposure in the field of medicine, which was extremely helpful as I plan on pursuing a career in this field. With my SAT prep, Nancy taught me lots of test taking strategies in addition to grading my practice tests and going through each question I got wrong and explaining to me what the correct answer was. This process made me understand what I did wrong and allowed me to perform better on future SAT tests. Finally, with college admissions, Nancy helped me navigate the college application process which I found extremely confusing and helped me stay organized and on top of my applications which made me feel confident that I was able to submit strong essays in a timely manner to my colleges. 

~ Mihir S., Class of 2021

College Acceptances: University of Washington, University of California San Diego, Washington State University, Colorado University Denver, Temple University 

I honestly don’t know what I would have done without Nancy’s profession expertise. I am forever grateful for all of the support that she has provided me throughout this lengthy and stressful process. Nancy was very responsive and always worked diligently in making sure that I was on top of everything I needed to do. I particularly appreciated how patient she was with me as I crafted my common app and supplemental essays. She has ultimately, made this college application experience smoother and less scary than I anticipated. Thank you for everything!

~ Sevastian, Class of 2020

As a parent the whole college application process is very scary, especially when you don’t know what your are doing. Nancy took over and helped us tremendously in making sure that everything was done correctly. In fact, hireling Nancy was the best think that I could have done for my family. I am deeply appreciative of everything that you have done for us. 

~ Sandra (Mother of Sevastian)

College Acceptances: New York University, American University, Brandeis University, University of Florida, George Washington University, Boston University, Florida International University (Gold and Blue Achievement Award: $1,500 per year), University of South Florida, University of Central Florida, Stetson University (Presidential Scholarship: $40,000 per year)

I really want to say “thank you” to Nancy for all she has done for me. I came to the United States three years ago, and I’m graduating from high school this summer. As an international student, I faced many challenges while preparing for college.With Nancy’s help, however, I was able to get through my three years of high school smoothly and get into the college I love. I enjoyed working with Nancy because she’s very experienced, patient and thoughtful. During my college application process, she not only provided me with lots of helpful information, but often checked with me to make sure I got each step done correctly and on time.Without Nancy, I could not have succeeded. I’m so grateful for her support and guidance these years!

~ Angel, Class of 2017

College Acceptances: University of Washington Seattle, UC Davis, University of Miami, Colorado School of Mines, Penn State University

Nancy provided detailed and positive support to help our daughter stay organized by creating a detailed roadmap of the college application process.  She was instrumental in determining our daughter’s major/career interests and helped direct us to a great list of college choices.  Nancy also provided specific feedback and direction around college essays and how to address the impact of COVID on the applications.  We all enjoyed working with her and are very thankful to have been connected to her!

~ E.B. (Mother, Class of 2021 Student)

College Acceptances: Early acceptance to competitive Animation Program at east coast university with merit scholarship of $16,000/year

It was a pleasure working with Nancy to help with the daunting process of college applications. She carefully broke down the process, made sure we adhered to deadlines, and provided insight and assistance into what the Florida schools are looking for from their applicants.  We believe that without her help, our son would not have been offered admission to UF because his scores and GPA were on the lower end of the scale for that school… she was particularly helpful at helping our son determine an appropriate topic for his admission essay and helped him  create a resume and a list of achievements which were consistent with what the schools wanted.  There is no way we would have know any of this without her help.  We are happy to fully recommend Nancy for every step of the admissions process!!  Our baby gator is especially grateful to Nancy!!! 

~ P.R.L (Mother of Class of 2019 Student)

College Acceptances: University of Florida, University of Central Florida, University of Miami

Nancy Polin was very helpful in navigating the college admissions process. She was extremely patient and explained each step thoroughly to make sure we were confident and efficient in completing the applications. Our family is very thankful for Nancy’s help and guidance during such a stressful time! 

~ Nicole (Mother of Class of 2020 Student)

College Acceptances: University of Miami of Florida

As an international family we were completely unfamiliar with the US application process. Nancy did a superb job helping us to choose appropriate colleges and helping my daughter to complete applications and write essays that animated her genuine voice. Anytime we had a question, she was always there to promptly provide the necessary assistance. Thanks to Nancy’s, our daughter was accepted to her first choice colleges!

~ M.G.F (Father of Class of 2018 student)

College Acceptances: University of Miami, University of Central Florida, Florida Atlantic University, Florida International University, Fordham University, Emmanuel College, American University

I honestly have no idea how I would get into a good college without Nancy. I am the first person in my family to go to college in the US so the whole process was very foreign to me.  Nancy helped me through my SAT/ACT, selecting good schools, and writing great applications to said schools. I am very grateful and working with her was a pleasure.  

~ Volod (Class of 2021 student)

College Acceptances: Florida Polytechnic University, Nova Southeastern University, Jacksonville University ($40,000 for 4 years), Florida Gulf Coast University

Nancy is a wonderful, patient, knowledgeable educator who assisted my daughter with the whole process of college applications. I highly recommend her company if you are looking for guidance and help with this demanding process of acceptance into schools.  Nancy also provides tutoring services, as well. My daughter learned strategic planning on how to tackle the ACT.  

~ Karen (Mother of Class of 2019 student)

College Acceptances: University of Central Florida, Florida Atlantic University, Florida State University, Florida Gulf Coast University

Nancy treats each and every student and their family as unique and special.  She really gets to know her students so she can draw out what makes them distinctive and helps them to stand-out among the thousands of other applicants.  Nancy effectively blends warmth, guidance and empathy with realistic expectations. Her support and expertise combined with a willingness to advocate for Eric truly helped him to find the right fit.  UCF has been an amazing experience and we can’t thank Nancy enough! 

~ Leslie (Mother of Eric, Class of 2016)

College Acceptances: University of Central Florida, University of North Florida, University of South Florida, Florida International University, Florida Gulf Coast University, West Virginia University, University of Colorado Boulder, University of Rhode Island 

Dear Nancy, As we are approaching the day that Daniel starts his University, I can’t help thinking of you and all of your assistance. Thank you so very much for each and every thing you did for us. I wish it would have been a card or in person but you can imagine that I am running around a lot! But did not want to let go the opportunity to say thank you again! We, especially me, will be eternally thankful. At the end he got the academic scholarship and the adjustment of the financial aid was approved. We are practically there. He kept his 17 credits. he said he will give it a try. Right now he is at the camp they host for 2 days before school start so they can adjust, make friends before etc.. WE ARE SOOO HAPPY ?! Please make extensive our appreciation to Christi also for her support as well. Say hello to your husband and Clifford. Take care, we will talk soon.  

~ Love and regards, Jerry Lederman (mother of Daniel, Class of 2016)

College Acceptances: Florida International University and Florida State University

With your help, I truly can’t believe how our out of pocket costs decreased! I am so thrilled for Jake. He is so happy and excited for his new journey. I cannot thank you enough for everything . You were instrumental in all of this. Use me as a reference any time for new clients. Amazing amazing.   We will keep in touch and I will contact you after the first of the year for my younger daughter.

~ Susan (Mother of Jake, Class of 2016)

Thank you Nancy. The tireless hours that you spent with my two children have really paid off in the end. Your patience and encouragement helped my children to land a spot in their dream schools. 

~ Susan (Mother of Liza, Class of 2018)

Jake’s College Acceptances: Wentworth Institute of Technology,  University of North Florida, University of Central Florida, Florida State University, University of South Florida and Florida International University

Jake’s Scholarships: Wentworth Institute of Technology merit scholarship ($17,000 x 4 years), WACE Scholarship ($6,000 x 4 years) and Elks Scholarship ($5,000)

Liza’s College Acceptances: University of Florida and University of South Florida (4 year full scholarship)

Liza’s Scholarships: West Palm Beach Elks Scholarship ($500)

Dear Nancy,  Thank you so very much for all the ways you have helped me arrive at where I am at! In terms of my future and goals, there is no way I could have come nearly as far without your help, guidance, and support. I cannot apologize enough for not emailing you sooner, I just recently got finished with wrapping up things at school. Thank you again for all of your hard work Nancy! My appreciation will be with you always!

~ Sumedhaa K., Class of 2014

College Acceptances: University of Southern California, University of California-Berkley, University of Washington, University of California-Los Angeles, Boston College, Carnegie Mellon University

Scholarships: University of Southern California Presidential Scholarship

    The college application process seemed like such a mystery. During my sophomore year, I tried to look forward to understanding what I wanted in a college, both academically and socially. All the rankings, the specifics each college offered, the college essays, and the Common Application were so overwhelming prior to my contact with Mrs. Nancy Polin. Although I was already sure I wanted to be a doctor, an oncologist more specifically, Mrs. Polin helped me to integrate my aspirations in the framework of the college application process and my chosen career path. When someone asks a high school student what his/her dream school is, much of the time, they give answers such as MIT, Harvard, or Stanford. Mrs. Polin’s recommendations for the colleges that she thought would be the right fit for me were mind-blowing and much appreciated. Through my interaction with Mrs. Polin, I learned that, sure those are great schools, but there is a school out there that is the PERFECT fit for me. There is one college out of the several on that will draw me in the end and it all comes down to your “gut-feeling.” Yet, without the guidance of Mrs. Polin, I would have never realized all my options and gotten acceptances from colleges like the University of California, Berkeley, the University of Rochester, or the University of Washington. 
     In addition to the interest that Mrs. Polin took in my college application journey, the passion with which she advised me about the essays and my resume was unparalleled. She also suggested extracurricular activities to pursue my interests that would strengthen my applications. For example, I have interned the past couple summers at the Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, Washington. The support and assistance that Educational Excellence and Mrs. Polin have provided for me through my college application process leaves me indebted. I will be attending the University of Washington in the fall of this year while working at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. I am on the right track towards reaching medical school and am grateful for the significant role she has played in my journey. I wholeheartedly recommend Mrs. Nancy Polin and Educational Excellence for any high schooler who is ready to achieve his/her goals in terms of attending the college of their dreams. 
~ Anonymous Class of 2014 Student
College Acceptances: University of California-Berkeley, Northeastern University, Drexel University, Boston University, University of Rochester, Rochester Institute of Technology, Penn State University, Emory University, University of Washington, University of British Columbia – Okanogan Campus, McGill University
Scholarships: Northeastern Merit Scholarship ($10,000 1st year, $5,000 years 2-4), Drexel Merit Scholarship ($15,000 for 4 years), University of Rochester Merit Scholarship ($10,000 per year), RIT International Scholarship ($13,000 per year)

Nancy has helped me so much throughout the past 4 years in preparation for college. She has helped me with numerous college and scholarship essays in a timely manner to ensure submitting the best possible essay. Having been the first student in my family to attend college in the United States, Nancy helped explain every step of the application process to make sure that no opportunities were missed. Not only did she recommend various different scholarships, but she also took the time to see if I had a good chance at receiving the scholarship. Her and her team were also able to answer any and all questions I had throughout the process. Lastly, I have learned that no detail is too small when it comes to essays. Thanks to her, I can proudly and properly write an essay depicting my activities and ambitions in life. I would recommend Nancy to anyone, especially for those not familiar with the college application process. Her and her team have not only helped with college applications, scholarships, and essays, but they have also helped with financial aspects such as the FAFSA and IDOC. Thank you Nancy for helping me get into schools I would only dream about.

~ Josefa, Class of 2015

College Acceptances: University of Notre Dame, Boston University, Purdue University, University of Florida, University of Miami, Florida State University, Saint Mary’s College

Scholarships: Boston University Presidential Scholarship ($20,000 per year for 4 years), Saint Mary’s College Merit Scholarship ($18,000 per year for 4 years), Pathfinders Award 1st Place in Computer Science Category, Hispanic Youth Awards – Bronze Award in Math & Engineering (Miami Region, $1,000), Cumberland Farms Believe & Achieve Scholarship Program Finalist

We started working with Nancy the summer before my son’s junior year.  In addition to helping navigate the college application process, she guided him in high school course selection and provided SAT tutoring.  Nancy focused his college essays by encouraging him to more fully research each school to see how his interests meld with the university’s offerings.  Most importantly, Nancy pushed my son to meet early application deadlines, which proved crucial for successful college acceptance.  Thank you for your insight and support for making my son’s first choice school a reality.

~ Stephanie P. (Mother of Class of 2020 student)

College Acceptances: Purdue University, Florida State University, University of Pittsburgh (Merit Scholarship – $10,000 x 4 years), University of Wisconsin, Clemson University, University of Central Florida

Thank you so much Nancy. I’m very happy. I think this Master’s Degree will be great for my career.

~ Alex

College Acceptance: University of Miami’s Master of Arts in International Administration Program

Hi! Great news. She jumped from a composite score of 20 in February of this year to a score of 24!!! She bumped up 3 points in Math, four points in Science, six points in English and 1 point in Reading. So all I can was your approach and focus on English was spot on and in the case of our daughter we are very happy with a score of 24 🙂

– “Very Happy Parent”, Class of 2022 student

Hi Nancy,

Kevin got into Statis and Comp Sci in U of I. Thank you so much for your assistance in his appeal process. Of course, we will refer him/her to you if we know of someone that needs help college application.

– Father of Class of 2015 student

College Acceptance: University of Illinois Urban-Champaign

I have had the opportunity to work with Ms. Polin over the course of several months for both tutoring and college applications.  Due to a short timeline and demanding deadlines there was a great necessity for intensity and responsiveness in our work.  Never before have I collaborated with someone who is as diligent, focused, and resourceful in academic endeavor.  Ms. Polin’s attention to detail and willingness to do all that is possible to achieve a goal is remarkable.  Furthermore, Ms. Polin’s genuine passion for her work, which is to put students in the top institutions in the country, is her greatest asset.  A college education will bring about some of the great enrichments of a student’s life.  From working with Ms. Polin, I am confident that I am not only on the right track for future growth and success in the next chapter of my life, but also that I am attending the right institution because of her. 

~ D.W., Class of 2015

College Acceptance: Pepperdine University

Working with Nancy was a wonderful experience. She immediately asked the right questions, which prompted me to come up with more content than I could even fit in my essays and resume. Not only does Nancy know how to draw information out of her students, she was able to organize and edit written content in a way that maintains the voice of her students. Nancy also helped me prepare for my interview with the Dean of Admissions. She was very knowledgeable about what kinds of questions would be asked, and her intuition in regards to what kind of responses would most appropriate was on point. I recommend Nancy without hesitation.

~ A.G.C.

College Acceptance: University of Miami – Masters of Business Administration Program

Educational Excellence has been instrumental in helping both of my boys achieve higher standards and get accepted into the universities of their choices. Nancy came to us highly recommended by a close friend of ours 6 years ago when my older son, Ryan was a sophomore in high school. She not only helped him choose the required classes in high school to get into the top schools in Florida, but she guided him through the ACT exams and application process. Nancy was also the leading factor in Ryan receiving a $14,000 scholarship from FAU that he never would’ve known was available to him!

One year after Ryan’s graduation, Nancy worked with my son Daniel on choosing a college fit for him, and tutored him the entire summer to help get his ACT scores up. This enabled him to get accepted into the University of North Florida; Dan’s first pick. 

Working with Nancy was a joy, and a relief for a working Mom. I didn’t have the time, nor the resources to do this on my own. Nancy would come to our home to counsel our teenage boys at our convenience, anytime in the evenings or on weekends that worked for us. I have referred over a dozen of our friends and clients to Educational Excellence over the years and will continue to do so. 

~ Angela (mother of Ryan, Class of 2014, and Daniel, Class of 2016)

College Acceptances: Ryan: Florida Atlantic University and Daniel: University of North Florida

nytime you need a parent to speak to me – you know I am more than willing to brag about you! 6 years and 3 children in college – excellent record…and, especially the varying personalities we have here! As a single parent especially, you were the sensible, calm, and knowledgeable one that kept everyone on course and calm. Anyone who has teenagers must use you and your team – the entire college process takes someone who is totally subjective. You always had my kids best interests at heart, along with my pocketbooks.

Through Nancy Polin’s expertise, dedication and insight, my children have been able to achieve academic success at the colleges of their dreams. Nancy truly appreciates the individual differences and strengths within each student and provides encouragement throughout the process. Nancy was paramount in helping my son determine and find the best internships for his political aspirations as well as helping my daughter navigate through summer programs in the field of psychology. As a parent, there is nothing better than watching your children acquire the lifelong skills they need to fulfill their potential and Nancy Polin inspires!  Thank you Nancy and Educational Excellence for all you have done and we think of you as a part of our family. – Thanks again! – Sheryl

~ Sheryl, mother of Erika, Zachary and Benjamin

Erika’s College Acceptances: University of South Florida, Florida State University, University of North Florida

Zachary’s College Acceptances: George Washington University, American University, UMass Amherst, University of Florida, Florida State University, University of South Florida.

Zachary’s Scholarships: George Washington University Presidential Scholarship ($12,000 per year for 4 years), UMass Amherst’s Chancellor’s Scholarship ($8,000 per year for 4 years), University of South Florida Scholars Award ($1,000 per year for 4 years), Robert & Linda Schmier Family Scholarship, Lily Brentano Foundation, Inc. Scholarship, Comcast Leaders & Achievers Scholarship, Pathfinders Scholarship

Benjamin’s College Acceptances: Berklee School of Music and California School of the Arts

Benjamin’s Scholarship: Berklee School of Music Scholarship Tour ($10,000 for 4 years)

I will recommend Nancy as a great college counselor. She works very hard and diligently to ensure hat each child gets into the college of their choice.

~ E.J. (mother of K.J.)

College Acceptances: University of Miami, University of Central Florida, Florida State University, University of Colorado Boulder, Emerson College 

My son failed 2 of his AICE classes his junior year during covid.  They gave him the opportunity to retake the exams that he failed to keep him on pace with his diploma.  I immediately reached out to Nancy at Educational Excellence.  She set him up with 2 tutors who did an assessment to see where he was at.  He passed both his exams and will graduate this year!!  Thank you Nancy! 

~ Mother of 2023 Student

I would like to give a special thank you to Ms. Nancy Polin and Educational Excellence for helping me reach my goals. Not only did my SAT scores drastically improve in high school with her help, but she guided me through my college applications, essays, athletic recruitment, and much more. Getting into my dream school seemed out of reach without her, but quickly became a reality when under her direction. Not only was I accepted into Emory University, but I had countless earned scholarships to put towards my education at this prestigious institution. I am confident that with her continued guidance, I will one day be a medical student at a top university as well.

~ Kaytrina J., Class of 2010

College Acceptances: Emory University, University of Miami, Bowdoin College, College of the Holy Cross, Connecticut College, Smith College.

Scholarships: George Snow Scholarship, Community Foundation of Palm Beach/Martin County Scholarship, Palms West Scholarship, Alpha Pearl Foundation Scholarship.

I felt overwhelmed going into the application process and trying to decide which schools to apply to. However working with Nancy allowed me to find several colleges that were a good fit for me.  I was excited about my options and looking forward to attending NEU this fall.

~ Jack, Class of 2014

College Acceptances: Northeastern University, Clark University, University of Florida, Florida State University, University of Miami, American University and Rollins College

Scholarships: Northeastern University Honors Program Merit Scholar Finalist ($30,000 per year), Clark University Merit Scholarship ($21,000 per year), University of Miami ($17,000 per year), American University Scholars Program ($18,000 per year), Rollins College ($21,000 per year), Florida State University Honors Program ($3,000 per year)

Educational Excellence was an invaluable part of my graduate school application process. Nancy helped me to select six universities to apply to, and helped me with every component of the application. We met in person several times to work on a tailored personal statement for each program in which she helped me portray my best attributes and achievements. Nancy also gave me excellent recommendations for tutors to assist me in studying for the math portion of the GRE. I was accepted to five out of the six schools I applied to, which exceeded any expectations I could have had! Without her, I would not have had the confidence to apply to top programs in my field and thanks to her, I will be attending Emory University’s Rollins School of Public Health in the fall!

~ Chloe B.

College Acceptances: Boston University Master Degree Public Health Program, Colorado School of Public Health, Emory University Master Degree Public Health Program, George Washington University Master Degree Program, University of Florida Public Health Certificate Program.

Scholarships: Boston University Merit Scholarship for $15,000, the Colorado School of Public Health Moran Scholarship for $5,000 and the Emory Rollins Earn and Learn Grant for $4,000.

Dear Nancy,

I want to truly thank you for all the support and guidance you provided in getting me ready with my college decisions from start to finish. Your knowledge was exceptional and I could not have made lots of decisions without your expertise. I would highly recommend you without any reservations. My parents are appreciative as well!

~ Kristina K., Class of 2015

College Acceptances: University of North Florida, Florida Atlantic University

“Nancy’s tour of Florida’s colleges was exceptional and brilliantly organized. Upon completion, James immediately knew where he wanted to study and this saved so much time and indecision. Nancy also made sure that all applications were checked and submitted on time, and her SAT tutoring helped James raise his English score by 50 points within a few weeks. Working with Nancy was a thoroughly worthwhile experience.” 

Jonathan M., parent of James M., Class of 2012

College Acceptances: University of Florida, Florida State University, University of Central Florida, Indiana University-Bloomington, Brandeis University, University of Miami, George Washington University, and Bentley University.

~ Charles W.
College Acceptances: Rollins College, Earned Bachelor’s Degree, Economics, May, 2012, Rollins College, MBA Program

We are foreigners parents and for us to get into a really good school it was a top priority for our daughter Carolina. A friend of mine recommended us the services of Nancy and really they pay off. Carolina went to best university that she can do it because of the advice of Nancy. She taught us, how to apply to colleagues, what were the requirements, the dates, the process of obtaining financial help and also she advise Carolina about how to put together the package to the universities. It was a great experience, sometimes we believe that we know everything but a great advise pays off for your whole life.

~ Luz Arbelaez (Mother of Carolina, Class of 2013)

College Acceptances: DePaul University, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Hofstra University, Bradley University, Purdue University and High Point University.

Scholarship: DePaul Merit Scholarship for $5,000.

It was such a pleasure working with Nancy while applying to graduate schools. Using her services, I was able to meet with her in person, expand the list of schools that matched my interests (and apply to all 15 of them!), as well as write personal statements that were tailored to each school and highlighted my best traits and skills. Most importantly, I was accepted to many of the top programs that I applied to, which allowed me to consider other important factors like financial aid and housing before making a decision. Nancy is also very knowledgeable on financial aid issues and provided me with numerous resources to apply and receive funding. Without her, the process of applying would have been much more difficult and my options would have been limited. I am very grateful that she helped me stand out among other applicants and that I will be attending my graduate program of choice.

~ Venita F.

College Acceptances: University of Central Florida Master’s Degree Speech Pathology, Florida Atlantic University Master’s Degree Speech Pathology, Florida State University Master’s Degree Applied Behavioral Analysis, Boston University Master’s Degree Clinical Psychology, and Loyola University Master’s Degree Clinical Psychology.

Without Nancy’s help, I would not have been able to fully commit to the college that was best for me. AS I tried my best to communicate with the people of college admissions and financial aid offices, Nancy helped get me all of the information I needed and explained to the university what was wrong in a stern and informative way. I felt comfortable to ask personal questions involving finances and asking for her input on subsidized and unsubsidized loans. Without the help of Nancy, I really have no idea what I would’ve done besides panic, pick the wrong school, and cry. I feel extremely confident in the college decision I made and I owe it all to Nancy and all of the hard work she did to help me get everything done and find everything I needed to know. 

~ T.S., Class of 2020

College Acceptances: Florida Atlantic University & Wilkes Honors College (with merit scholarship), Florida State University, University of North Florida

~ Allison W.

College Acceptances: University of Florida, Florida State University, University of Central Florida.

Thank you so much for helping me through the college application process.  I can’t imagine going through all the steps and complexities over the last five months without your guidance.  I am grateful that I had such great advice and insight along the way.  I feel confident in my decision and I can’t wait to start!  Thank you again.

~ Sara J.

College Acceptances: University of Montana, University of Wyoming, Unity College.

Nancy-I have to give you full points for keeping us to the task of the college planning process. Please continue to keep us focused and thank you for all that you make possible!!!

Nancy – THANK YOU for helping my daughter with her application for a summer intern research position at the University of Washington Adolescent Health Risk & Resilience Lab. You taught her how to highlight her initiative and eagerness in the application–the result-she is one of four students selected.

~ Harvinder, father of rising high school senior